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What to Expect During Liposuction Surgery


Posted: 19/10/2018

Author: Ahmad


What to Expect During Liposuction Surgery

Despite what popular culture may have you think, liposuction is far more complicated than merely reducing fat by sucking it out. Like any medical procedure, there are a vast array of techniques and methods that must be implemented to ensure the operation is a success. However, while every procedure will differ depending on the area that is being treated, there are some commonalities:


When undergoing liposuction, you will receive either a local anesthetic or general anesthetic. In most situations a numbing agent will first be injected into the treatment area. If you are receiving a local anesthetic, this will be all that is required, and you will remain awake for the duration of the procedure. Your surgeon will recommend this for less invasive surgeries where only a limited amount of fat is removed. For more intensive procedures a general anesthetic may be preferred. This type of anesthesia will sedate you for the entire surgery keeping you asleep until well after the procedure is over. When you wake up, you will still feel numb in the treated area, and there should be no pain.


Once the anesthesia takes effect, fluid may be injected into the target area to help break up the fat. Your surgeon will then make a small incision no larger than half an inch to access the fat that needs to be removed.

Fat removal

After the incision has been made, the cannula can be inserted. The cannula is a small vacuum tube which your surgeon will use to remove the fat. First, the cannula is moved back and forth to break up the fat. The loose fat is then sucked up through the cannula and out of the body. As part of the surgery, you will also lose a significant amount of blood and other body fluids as is removed fat. These fluids will be replaced via an IV drip during the surgery and post-op.

Closing the incisions

Once all the fat has been successfully removed, the incision will be closed. There are a few different methods your surgeon can use, stitches are most common, but if the incision is small enough your surgeon may choose to leave it open to let it heal naturally. This will help reduce bruising and swelling. Remember everyone is different so every procedures’ outcome will be different. Your surgeon will take the time well before your surgery to discuss precisely how your liposuction will be performed and ensure you are comfortable before proceeding.

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