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Smile Transformation

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Haircut, check. Make-up, done. Antri-wrinkle booked. Smashed the gym. But is that face staring you in the mirror and on your Instagram feed missing something? It’s probably your smile. No one has naturally perfect teeth, so why not complete your look with a Smile Transformation at Cosmetic Avenue? Visit Our expert Cosmetic Dentists and Oral Health Therapists who specialise in Cosmetic Dentistry to personalise a plan for you.

What is a Smile Transformation

We transform your smile – just kidding. Well, we do, addressing concerns such as discolouration, alignment and chips to take your pearly whites from good to great through state-of-the-art treatments. It starts with a consultation with our Dental Experts to assess your teeth, listen to your goals and work with your budget to customise a plan to your needs.

As your one-stop-shop for all things Cosmetic, our team go beyond your teeth to factor in skin tone, facial features, hair colour, and gum condition prior to treatment. And, where there’s style, there’s substance; a smile transformation is great for general oral hygiene, for instance, straightening teeth so they’re easier to clean.

Benefits of a Smile Transformation at Cosmetic Avenue

YOU’LL LOOK FABULOUS. What better reason is there? Flashing a smile or laughing out loud won’t fill you with dread, and it’ll be great for your oral hygiene.

What’s more a trip to Cosmetic Avenue feels more like a visit to a day spa, so come in and relax. Our team mixes professionalism with personality – we’ll never push you or hard sell, and with everything you need from Face to Body to Teeth, check all your cosmetic boxes under one roof.

What does a Smile Transformation Fix

We’ll sort out crooked, cracked, or disproportionately sized teeth as well as whiten discolourations and replace missing teeth with dental implants, crowns or bridges. But more importantly, you’ll be smiling with confidence.

Things to consider when getting a Smile Transformation

We’re only happy if you are – so have a think about your goals, budget and lifestyle and share them with the team during your consults so that we can tailor a solution to you.

How much does a full Smile Transformation cost?

No Smile Transformation is the same, and neither is the budget – we work with you. The cost will depend on several factors, including the state of your general oral health and your goals.

A Smile Transformation needs a solid foundation and may require some general dentistry which may impact the cost. The great news is that we provide full-service dental solutions if you need them.

Financing Options Available To You

We understand that some things in life simply can’t wait any longer which is why Cosmetic Avenue proudly provide a variety of financing options with all our cosmetic procedures and total rejuvenation packages.

During your consultation, your specialist will discuss the options available to you and help you decide which is best for you.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist for Your Smile Transformation

You’re investing in yourself, so we encourage you to do your research, although we do know we’re awesome :-). But don’t take our word for it; check out our Google Reviews and our Client Testimonial, and Before and Afters.

How do you Maintain a Smile Transformation?

By doing the simple things, you should be doing anyway, plus a few small pointers:

  • Brush and floss are to maintain tooth and gum health, generally
  • Avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar, which cause cavities
  • Tea and coffee can leave stains, so try to minimise your intake

Other habits to break to ensure your smile makeover is long-lasting

  • Get the most out of your transformation by going the extra mile:
  • Too much alcohol can ruin your dental work, so try not to get smashed too often
  • Use a non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste to avoid scratching the surface of your restorations, making them lose their polish and shine
  • Avoid mouthwashes containing alcohol which can damage the bond between your restorations and your teeth
  • Grinding teeth or biting and chewing on hard objects, so use a bottle opener and talk to us about a night splint

Porcelain Veneers

Quickly fix chips, gaps, and discolouration by adding a layer of porcelain over the teeth. You’ll have instant results after 2-3 sessions vs. gradually repositioning the teeth over time with other treatments, and the results will have you smiling for up to 25 years

Teeth Whitening

Get eight shades whiter in 30mins with Zoom! Teeth Whitening, the world’s number one Teeth Whitening Treatment. Our team is fully qualified to give you the highest strength gel, not available at every clinic, to have you smiling faster and longer. 



An invisible alternative to braces that straightens your smile. We design a slim, customised mould that you wear all day except for meals. Then, we’ll remould this periodically until you’re beaming from ear to ear.

Book your Smile Makeover online with Cosmetic Avenue today!

We know we say “personalise” a lot, but we mean it. No two clients are the same, and our Dentists an Oral Health Therapists are experts in their fields. Come and see us today.



5 Simple Steps

From the moment we connect, you’ll notice the Cosmetic Avenue difference. Your confidence and happiness are paramount, and our team will do all that we can to make you feel comfortable and assured. At your consultation, you’ll meet with your specialist to discuss your needs, the procedure and answer many of the common questions you may have before deciding to moving ahead.


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If you’re interested in using a Payment Plan to pay for your treatment or procedure upfront and pay it back over time, we offer payment plans through independent providers Zip Money and TLC.

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