Cosmetic Avenue first opened its doors in December 2016 as a Cosmetic Surgical centre. Our vision was to change the perception of cosmetic surgery in Australia from a very traditional medical landscape, to that of an open and supportive environment, while helping to normalise the choice of clients choosing to make a change for themselves to increase their confidence. Our Mission has always been to give our clients the confidence they deserve by providing premium cosmetic procedures and an incredible client experience, with the ethos of ‘Confidence Is The Ultimate Freedom’.

Since then, Cosmetic Avenue has been awarded Australasia’s Cosmetic Practice of the Year, two years in a row and Practice Team of the Year and now we are Australia’s leading provider of cosmetic non-surgical treatments and cosmetic dentistry.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to partner with a multi-award winning brand, with an offering unlike anyone else
in the market, we’re excited to showcase what Cosmetic Avenue can provide you.

We’re excited for you to be the next Cosmetic Avenue partner.

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Financial wealth

You’ll receive an assured yearly income of $100,000 plus a 50/50 share of profits

Award winning brand

Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, Cosmetic Avenue has become one of Australia’s most recognised and awarded cosmetic franchise companies.

Booming industry

Per capita, Australians are the biggest spenders on cosmetic treatments in the world.

Training & support

When you become a franchisee with Cosmetic Avenue, we will empower you with leading-edge business and industry knowledge and mentor you as needed.

Turnkey ready

We find, negotiate and secure a site on your behalf. We then proceed to fully furnish, brand and equip your clinic and even help manage the recruitment of your initial team.

Franchise Co-Owner

Perhaps you have been considering starting your own cosmetic clinic business but have been delaying making it a reality because you don’t know where to begin. Or you are overwhelmed by entering a bustling market as a complete unknown – without an established reputation to draw on. 

There is another option to consider that gives you the financial freedom of having a business of your own while being fully supported, and that is partnering with a known and trusted cosmetic franchise. Having a business that is part of a cosmetic clinic franchise may be the perfect way for you to move forward and finally make your business a reality with a lot less stress.

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Partnering with us enables you to step into a leadership role in a cosmetic franchise. From the outset, you will be associated with an industry-leading, award-winning brand that customers know and trust. Everything from lease negotiation to fit-out and equipment installation to bookkeeping and marketing is available for you. Cosmetic Avenue provides you with the training and support you need to prosper. For your part, you will lead your clinic’s operations, help drive sales, and ensure your customers have an outstanding experience.

Opening up your own part of a cosmetic skin therapies franchise is an exciting prospect. But doing this completely on your own is more challenging and demanding on your time and energy.

There are many things you would need to do, from researching the potential clientele within an area, selecting a clinic site and negotiating the lease to branding and furnishing. Then there are decisions about appropriate equipment to invest in. Then figure out effective marketing. The sheer amount of research can be time-consuming and energy-draining. If you venture completely on your own, when you eventually open your doors, there is the drawback of being an unknown brand. And while you are establishing brand awareness for your new business, you have no assurance of a good regular income.

In contrast, by partnering with Cosmetic Avenue, a lot of the costly trial and error of setting up a new business is eliminated. You will be taking advantage of a proven business model which has already been applied successfully across our network of clinics. Everything is geared so you can open your clinic doors and start running a profitable business sooner. There are far fewer obstacles and a lot more support than you would have as a sole operator. There is also existing positive brand awareness that you will not need to spend years establishing.

Per capita, Australians are the biggest spenders on cosmetic treatments in the world. The demand has never been greater for people wanting to enhance their physical features. With a client-centred approach, skilled staff and the latest technology equipment, Cosmetic Avenue is a hit with clients. It’s safe to say the earning potential in this space is big.

One of the biggest benefits of being part of our cosmetics franchise is you don’t risk your income because you receive a guaranteed $100,000 per annum salary. Additionally, you also receive 50% of the business profits.

Cosmetic Avenue offers a turn-key cosmetic surgery franchise opportunity to new co-owners. It means that we find, negotiate and secure a site on your behalf. We then proceed to fully furnish, brand and equip your clinic and even help manage the recruitment of your initial team.

You are presented with a fully functional clinic with all you require to open the doors to your new clients and start making money right away. You step into your leadership role to run operations and drive sales with the use of our systems. Remember that all training is provided to give you full confidence in all you do, and mentorship and support are available at all times. This is especially invaluable at that all-important initial phase.

Excludes injectables & dental treatments.
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