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The History of Liposuction


Posted: 11/10/2018

Author: Ahmad


The History of Liposuction

As one of Melbourne’s leading liposuction clinics, we’re proud to work in such a groundbreaking field of cosmetic surgery. Today we perform safe and affordable liposuction with a simple day procedure, but have you ever wondered how modern liposuction was developed? Given the popularity of the procedure, you might be surprised at how new the modern technique actually is.

The origins of liposuction date back to 1960 when surgeons began scooping fat out of the body as a method to reduce fat content. These procedures delivered varied results and were associated with high risks. That was until 1982 when a doctor by the name of Yves-Gerad Illouz developed the ‘Illouz Method.’  This new technique introduced the use of suction as a way to assist in fat reduction and the modern liposuction we know today was born.

The new method used a thin tube known as a cannula to inject a sterile saline solution into the fatty tissue. The solution helped break down fat allowing for easier removal with suction. This new technique soon became known as the ‘wet’ technique and quickly proved to be both safe and reliable. As liposuction grew in popularity through the 1980’s, surgeons began making their own modifications to the procedures, experimenting with a range of new incisions and anesthetics to develop more effective techniques.

The rate of progress didn’t slow through the 1990’s as a wave of new innovations were applied to liposuction procedures. However, not everyone in the medical community was open to change, and some viewed the latest developments with skepticism. For example, the development of ultrasonic assisted liposuction in helping liquefy fat before removal was first met with excitement, but enthusiasm quickly faded until technology improved the technique, bringing it back into use.

Today, liposuction is a wide field of practice with many different procedures available, but don’t let all the medical names confuse you, most liposuction techniques all do the same thing. Which might come as some reassurance when you’re trying to decide between liposculpture and fat reduction, fat modeling and body contouring or lipectomy and lipoplasty’. It’s all just buzzwords talking about the same thing: liposuction.

The most important decision to make is choosing the right surgeon. Everyone is different, and we all have different ideas about how we want or bodies to look. Your surgeon will take the time to talk to you about your goals and expectation to ensure you achieve the results you desire and with over 30 years of innovative techniques to choose from, there will undoubtedly be a liposuction procedure that’s right for you.

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As one of Melbourne’s leading liposuction clinics, Cosmetic Avenue offers a range of services to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for your ideal figure or would like to find out more about fat reduction, our team of highly trained doctors and surgeons offer quality and affordable liposuction options to suit your need. To learn more click here.

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