Posted: 27/01/2017

Author: Ahmad



Fake boobs, boob job, fakies, bolt ons etc etc. Everyone has a name they call them but lets talk about the nitty gritty of breast augmentation.

Im here to tell you my personal story, i’ve never done this sort of thing before so bare with me. I hope this helps to give you a little in sight of the real thing for any girls thinking of having a boob job and wanna know a little more info!

I’m 24 but lets go way back to when i was 18. After being at schoolies with my best friends and doing the usual “get undressed” in front of one another thing i realised that my boobs did NOT look like everyone else’s. I never had an issue with mine, they were big! a double D in fact but then i noticed that compared to my girlfriends my boobs did not sit as high or as perky as theirs 😐

Being so young i knew surely this cant be right so i told mum and she suggested we go see a surgeon about a breast lift! So with little research I went to the docs who referred me onto a surgeon. I went in for my consultation and he informed me i had “tubular breasts” aka snoopy boobs lol, yes girls legit like Snoopy’s nose. Saggy and as the word describes, “tubular”. As i was only 18, non smoker rah rah he told me this was not cosmetic surgery and that it was more medical so i got a price drop by 2k. A few weeks later i went in for a breast reduction and lift. Reduction was needed in order to get the lift/results i wanted.

Surgery was fine, i was a little groggy for a couple of days because i do not deal well with anaesthetic. Next day i was showering myself and the process was really fine. Little to no pain. I had stitches around my nipples which sounds super scary but it was fine! Looking back i really should have had my implants put in then, but because i was naive and didn’t do ANY research i wasn’t to know that, that was an option.

Fast forward to 23 year old me. After a number of friends getting their boobs done in Sydney and after a fresh break up i decided i wanted mine done. I wanted to feel good in bathers, outfits, naked and more importantly feel good about myself. Again with no research I booked myself in to the clinic my girlfriends went to and a few short weeks later i was back under the knife. This time in a “twilight sedation”.

I flew to Sydney which seemed like a good idea at the time but after paying for my own flights, my mums flights, accomodation and airport transfers i ended up spending wayyyy more than i should have.

On the day of my surgery i met with the surgeon, he measured me up and said i could probably fit 365CC. That freaked me out, it looked HUGE. All my friends said go bigger because you’ll regret it but i said id feel more comfortable at 300CC. I stuck to my guns and I’m glad i did.

During the surgery with twilight sedation you aren’t fully asleep, scary right? I was responsive and able to talk but i was on a total high. Mid surgery they spoke to me and said “Vanda we are sitting you up now, what do you think? hows the size for you”. At this point it was only about 250CC from memory, bare in mind i was out of it lol. I said go bigger, back down i went and they lifted me again at 300CC and i vaguely remember saying “yep” and the rest i don’t really remember.


I woke up to them putting my bandage on and then soon after i was walking outta there. I was starving and not feeling well from the anaesthetic so i told mum take me to breaky. As we sat waiting for our food my chest felt tight, not any pain just super tight. I looked down at my new chest and was so happy. I touched the tops of my boobs and they were rock hard, yep just like Regina Georges mums boobs, hard as rocks.

I slept the entire day away. The next day I couldn’t stomach the medication. It made me sick, so i went on without any meds. I can tolerate pain well and i really wasn’t in any pain its more the tight chest that gets you and the sleeping. You have to sleep up-right with a pillow under your head, not ideal but you actually cannot lay flat for two weeks because as you get up it pulls on your chest. The flight home was fine too and no your boobs cannot explode or anything else you’ve heard haha. All in all recovery for me was fine. By day 4 i was already out shopping with friends and after 1 week off i was back at work in admin.

I was right into my gym before i went into surgery so having 6 weeks off was super hard. I did try after 2 weeks to do a PT session, BAD idea, do not do this! There is a reason they say to rest. I was sore and even though it was a leg session i really didn’t realise just how much we use our chest. Instead i focused on recovering and going for short walks.

Wearing the “post op bra” wasn’t the most flattering thing but man was it comfy. exactly like a sports bra and it held my boobs nicely in place. I loved this bra! I didn’t wear a bra with underwire until the full 6 weeks was done.


I went back to the gym 6-8weeks later. i did a boxing class and i was fine! little uneasy about running but i just got into it and i didn’t push myself too hard. Sure it feels a little weird but you get use to it! A year and a bit later i now do F45 Training in St Kilda 5 days a week and i love it! No issues with my boobies, the only time is when i lay on a bench and suddenly my boobs are pushed up under my chin haha. but thats what you get with big boobs! Side note – If you haven’t already check out

All in all i couldn’t be happier with my results. I love my boobs now and they certainly make me feel more confident. I no longer am that girl with weird snoopy boobs! I feel confident in my own skin and thats the main part. I didn’t do it for anyone else other than myself.

Jeez I can ramble on but i sure hope this has at least enlightened some of you and you feel a little more at ease!

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