50-Year-Old Esthetician Reveals Youthful Skin Secrets on TikTok


Posted: 5/10/2023

Author: Amir Saad

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50-Year-Old Esthetician Reveals Youthful Skin Secrets on TikTok

In the digital age, where beauty advice is just a click away, a seasoned esthetician has taken to TikTok to share her skincare secrets. Aged 50, she has managed to maintain a youthful and radiant complexion, which she attributes not to the products she uses, but rather how she applies them.

The skincare guru, known as Chele on TikTok, has offered her followers three key pieces of advice for skincare application. Her video has since gone viral, garnering over 13,000 views and a flurry of positive comments.

Chele’s first piece of advice is about cleansing correctly. She advises starting with wet hands and skin when applying cream or gel cleansers. This allows the product to glide easily across the skin, effectively attracting and removing dirt and oil. She emphasises the importance of giving the cleanser enough time to work its magic. “Massage into your skin for at least 20 seconds and rinse well,” she instructs.

The second tip revolves around the application of serums, a product that is often sought after in Skin Tightening services. Chele advises applying serums to slightly damp skin, which is why toners and essences are often recommended prior to their use. She explains that damp skin allows for deeper penetration of serums, particularly those containing hyaluronic acid. For these serums to be fully absorbed and most effective, they should be pressed and patted into the skin.

Chele also highlights the importance of not neglecting your neck and chest during skincare application. “Serums that have a smaller molecule will penetrate deeper within the skin. Be sure to bring it down to the neck and the chest area,” she advises.

The third tip pertains to retinoids, a popular ingredient in many skincare products. Chele says that retinoids should only be applied to dry skin as damp skin may increase irritation. She also warns that retinoids can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, recommending their use in the evening only.

Lastly, she stresses the importance of applying sunscreen in the morning, especially if you’ve used retinol the night before. This is a crucial step in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and maintaining its youthful glow.

Chele’s TikTok video has been met with praise from her followers, with one commenting, “You look amazing,” and another adding, “Still young and beautiful.” Her expert advice serves as a reminder that sometimes, it’s not just about what products you use, but how you use them.

Whether you’re looking for a Lip Filler service or searching for “CoolSculpting near me” or considering a visit to a Morpheus8 clinic in Australia, it’s important to remember that good skincare habits are the foundation of a radiant complexion. Chele’s tips are not only practical but also easy to incorporate into any skincare routine, making them a valuable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their beauty regimen.

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and cosmetics, it’s comforting to know that some things remain constant. Proper skincare application is one of them. As Chele’s TikTok video proves, taking the time to apply your skincare products correctly can make all the difference in achieving that youthful, healthy glow.

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