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How To Maintain Your Liposuction Results


Posted: 24/10/2018

Author: Ahmad


How To Maintain Your Liposuction Results

Don’t be concerned by the immediate results of your liposuction procedure. While it is normal to experience bruising and swelling, it’s important to remember this is just part of your body’s recovery, underneath amazing changes are taking place. You may also find that some skin feels loose as it adjusts to your new shape and your doctor will supply you with compression garments to aid this process. A complete recovery will take time with bruising and swelling subsiding after three months and skin re-tightening after six months. The true results of your liposuction procedure will not be apparent for up to six months to a year, after which you will be able to fully enjoy your new, slimmer, and more youthful figure.

Minimising Scars

As one of Melbourne’s leading liposuction clinics, we offer the latest procedures and techniques to ensure you make a quick recovery and minimise the risk of scarring. However, every surgery is different and there are two types of scars that may form.

Normal scars: these are similar to any scar that will form after a cut or wound.

Dyschromia: this term relates to any discolouration of the skin and is predominantly determined by our genes. The scar will usually appear as either light spots known as “hypopigmentation,” or dark spots called “hyperpigmentation,”

To reduce the risk of scarring it is essential that you keep your incisions clean during recovery. Your doctor will give clear instructions on how to care for your wound, compression garments, drainage tubes and how to change the dressing.

If a scar does form, you may be advised to massage it with your fingertips to prevent it from hardening and darkening. Other effective options include scar reducing creams, surgical paper towels, and silicone sheeting, as well as surgical tapes which can be used to flatten and fade the scar. However, not all of these treatments will be appropriate for every patient, so be sure to discuss what is best for your recovery with your doctor.

If you’re considering getting liposuction in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, it is essential that you keep your scar out of the sun. Australia has an incredibly harsh sun, and your scar will be extremely sensitive to this.

Diet and Exercise

While many people believe liposuction is a permanent way to reduce fat and lose weight for good, this is not the reality. After undergoing liposuction, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

When considering what diet you should follow to maintain your results, it is essential to understand that no set diet works for everyone. Instead consider a more general approach to eating well, with plenty of fruit and veg, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains. It’s also a good idea to increase the amount of water you drink while cutting back on any processed or refined junk food.

Exercise is a great way to maintain the results of your liposuction as it not only helps keep your weight in check but also improves muscle definition. Don’t worry, you won’t need to sign up for a marathon or anything drastic, just stay active. We recommend at 30 to 45 minutes of physical activity five times a week. To start, try walking, cycling, running or swimming.

Weight gain

Liposuction is designed to help people unable to lose weight or reduce fat in specific pockets or problem areas of the body, but what happens if you gain the weight back?

Well, it’s a little bit complicated. To put it simply, you won’t put the weight back on in the area that underwent liposuction. This is because the procedure has reduced fat cells in this area and your body has no way to replace them. As we age, our body stops producing fat cells, which means when we gain weight, we are not gaining new fat cells. Instead our existing fat cells are swelling to accommodate the increase in fat.

If you do gain weight after the procedure, some fat will return to these areas, but the majority of weight will be stored in other locations where there are more fat cells. This is one of the most significant benefits of Liposuction, while it will reduce fat, it will also permanently change the contour of your body, giving you a completely new figure.

While a small or moderate amount of weight gain is no real concern, extreme weight gain is a serious issue that will affect your permanent results. Remember, liposuction is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, and the procedure must be carried out with a commitment for you to maintain these healthy changes. If you don’t, you may find the weight returning.

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