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How Affordable is Cosmetic Dentistry? Is It Covered By Insurance?


Posted: 3/08/2022

Author: Run


How Affordable is Cosmetic Dentistry? Is It Covered By Insurance?

Health funds vary in their provision of rebates for cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes, this can be difficult to navigate, especially since there are so many different types of dental procedures for which you can make a claim. To help you gain some clarity, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of when cosmetic dentistry is covered by insurance, and when it isn’t. We’ll also outline the basic steps for making a claim, for procedures like veneers, dental crowns, and vampire dental implants, before exploring payment plans available for Cosmetic Avenue clients.

A Comprehensive list of Cosmetic Dentistry Covered By Insurance

There are no hard and fast rules determining when cosmetic dentistry is covered by insurance. Generally speaking, cosmetic dentistry is more likely to be covered by insurance when your procedure contains a restorative component. This is because health funds are more inclined to provide care when it is required for people’s immediate health and wellbeing, rather than for cosmetic purposes.

Restorative dental treatments include dental implants, root canals, bridges and crowns. These procedures aim to restore the functioning of your damaged teeth, replace missing teeth, or provide care during medical emergencies. While the primary focus of your procedure will be health-focused, there will be some natural cosmetic enhancements that take place as a by-product. Cosmetic dental treatments, on the other hand, may or may not be covered by your private health fund. These include procedures like teeth whitening, porcelain or composite resin veneers, and some orthodontic procedures, like Invisalign and SmileStyler. Other treatments, like scale and polish or composite bonding, also vary between providers.

If you are in doubt of the treatments available to you via your health fund, take a look at the “Major Dental” category of your health fund’s policy, or get in touch with your provider directly for a more targeted inquiry. Always check with your healthcare provider in advance of cosmetic procedures, so you’re not caught out with a large and unexpected bill when you go to make a claim.

What Is Involved With Making a Claim?

To make a claim, you’ll first need to book an appointment with Cosmetic Avenue your cosmetic dental care provider. Following your assessment, you will be able to collect an itemized treatment plan, which will contain each of the relevant health fund item numbers for claiming cover. Next, your health fund provider will supply a quote based on the cosmetic procedures you’re looking at undertaking. This, again, will vary from fund to fund. Each provider will issue a different maximum rebate for Major Dental cover, which pertains to any significant, non-routine dental procedure you may undertake.

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What Happens if My Policy Doesn’t Cover Dentistry?

In some cases, your insurance policy won’t cover your dentistry claims. This may be because your dental plan doesn’t cover all or any of the dental procedures you seek to claim for or because you have already reached the maximum amount of coverage for a given time period. In these instances, you will either have to foot the bill out-of-pocket or sign up for a payment plan to manage the expenses over a series of installments. In either case, it pays to check with your insurance provider well in advance of your procedure, to see whether they provide the coverage you seek.

Payment Plans Available for Cosmetic Avenue Clients

Some of the payment plans we offer at Cosmetic Avenue include Total Lifestyle Credit (TLC), ZipMoney, and AfterPay. TLC provides flexible payment plans for remedial and cosmetic dental procedures and has the benefits of providing same-day approval, no upfront fees, affordable weekly payments, and low-interest rates. ZipMoney is another great choice for payment plans, offering interest-free, flexible payments of over $1,000. You can delay payment with ZipMoney for a set period of time depending on the size of your payment and the specific payment plan you sign up for, giving you control over your expenditure when you need it most.

Learn More About Payment Plans at Cosmetic Avenue

Cosmetic Avenue is home to some of Melbourne’s best cosmetic dental care, for procedures such as zoom teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign. To help you fund the treatments you desire, we also provide a series of comprehensive payment plans. Get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members to learn more about our services, or book an appointment with one of our expert cosmetic dentists to explore your dental options today.

Are Veneers Covered by Private Health?

Dental veneers are thin structures made of porcelain that attach to the front surface of your teeth. Are veneers covered by private health? Since veneers are used for cosmetic enhancement, they are typically not covered by private health in the same way that medical, restorative dental procedures are. Some private health providers will cover veneers as part of a composite dental package, like dental makeovers, while some may offer coverage on an elective basis.

Cosmetic Dentistry Vampire Dental Implants

Cosmetic vampire dental implants are permanent implants that provide a vampire-style look to your teeth. As with other cosmetic procedures, they are typically not covered by insurance companies in Australia unless you specifically opt for cosmetic coverage under your dental plan.

Does My Health Fund Pay for Dental Crowns?

Most health funds will pay for dental crowns, as these are typically procedures that have a functional imperative. Candidates for dental crown procedures are often people who have weak, decaying, or broken teeth, meaning that dental care offers immediate prevention of further harm to the patient.

How Much Does my Health Fund Pay for Dental Makeover Packages?

Dental makeover packages are composite cosmetic dental procedures, which include procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, and crowns. You can also receive surgeries like oral maxillofacial surgery, and orthodontic treatment, such as braces. Cosmetic by nature, these packages vary in their qualification for coverage by health funds, so be sure to check with your healthcare provider before you get started.

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