Pointy Canine Teeth – What are they?


Posted: 4/08/2022

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Pointy Canine Teeth – What are they?

Smiling is such a natural thing to do when we’re happy, excited, or enjoying ourselves. But if you have pointy canine teeth, you might just feel too embarrassed to flash your pearly whites. For some people, this embarrassment robs them of their self-esteem and enjoyment of life on a daily basis.

Our canine teeth are the ones located two doors down from the teeth that we often call our “front teeth”, or central incisors. Everybody has two on the top and two on the bottom. Some people’s canine teeth can appear pointier, longer, or protrude more than usual. This can make them more noticeable. Sometimes called natural vampire fangs, canine teeth can appear this way because of their shape and where they are positioned in the mouth in relation to their other teeth.

If your canine teeth are particularly pointy, or you feel as though they make you look a bit like a vampire, it can have a huge impact. Do you cringe when you’re asked to “Smile!” for a photograph? How about public speaking or turning your camera on for video calls? We’ve heard many stories from our clients about the day-to-day life moments they avoid simply because they don’t want their teeth on show.

At Cosmetic Avenue, we understand these experiences and the effect your teeth have on your life. We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions to fix pointy canine teeth. All our treatments are individually tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

What are Natural Vampire fangs?

Some people call pointy canine teeth ‘natural vampire fangs’. This is because sharp or pointy-looking canine teeth can remind us of creepy movies and stories where pointy teeth were a tell-tale sign of a vampire!

In reality, pointy canine teeth are not creepy at all. They occur naturally because of your genetic make-up. The good news is that they do not cause dental problems. The bad news is that many people with pointy canines are dissatisfied with their smile.

Many clients come to Cosmetic Avenue because they don’t want pointy or protruding canine teeth anymore. They want to forget about vampires and smile, laugh, and speak without thinking about their teeth all the time.

How Common are Pointy Canine Teeth?

All humans have canine teeth, but we usually don’t notice them because they don’t look pointier or out of proportion to the other teeth. Pointy canines are not particularly rare, with a small proportion of people being born with them. Cosmetic Avenue provides cosmetic dentistry treatments specifically for these people. While pointy canine teeth are not something you could have avoided, modern dentistry offers great solutions.

Why are Canine Teeth so Pointy?

Canine teeth have evolved over many millions of years. Believe it or not, humans used to have canine teeth that were much longer and pointier than they are today. Some of the theories say that pointy canines helped us to eat meat, defend ourselves from attack, and even fight for mates!

While many animals still need sharp and pointy canine teeth for these reasons, humans do not. Over time, human-canine teeth have gradually evolved to become smaller. Some people, however, find that their canine teeth are still too long or pointy.

Some people’s canine teeth can appear bigger or pointier because they sit in a rotated position in the gum. If a canine tooth is in the incorrect position, it might protrude more. This makes it more noticeable than your other teeth and disrupts the balance of your smile.

During your free consultation at Cosmetic Avenue, we will examine your teeth to find out what is impacting your smile. We will provide you with treatment options tailored to your unique goals and circumstances.

How do you Reshape Canine Teeth?

Cosmetic Avenue offers safe and effective solutions to address pointy canine teeth. We use tooth recontouring and Invisalign to improve the shape and look of your canine teeth to achieve a smile that you want everyone to see.

In your free consultation, we will examine your teeth to assess what is causing the problem with your canine teeth. We will talk to you about your needs and goals and recommend the best options for your situation.

Many of our clients with pointy canine teeth want a complete smile makeover. We can talk to you about options for chipped, discoloured, overlapping, or crowded teeth. Come in for a complete digital scan of your teeth to see what is possible. We can develop a custom treatment plan to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. We offer cost-effective options and payment plans to meet your budget.

Tooth Recontouring

Tooth recontouring, also known as tooth reshaping, is quick, affordable, and provides immediate results. It is pain-free, and no anesthetic or injections are required. It is an excellent option where minor changes to the tooth are needed.

This procedure involves gently removing a small amount of tooth enamel. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth. This is a safe and non-invasive method which to make the canine teeth slightly shorter and rounder. This procedure can be undertaken in one appointment, and the results are immediate.


Invisalign is an effective treatment where the position of the canine teeth needs to be corrected. Clear aligners are created to fit your teeth and gumline. Once in position, these aligners gradually and gently move the canine teeth into their correct position. The aligners are custom-made for each client for maximum comfort. The system is essentially invisible, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed or self-conscious. It is removable so you can eat all the foods you love without worrying about getting food stuck in your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Vampire Dental Implants

Cosmetic vampire dental implants are permanent implants that provide a vampire-style look to your teeth. As with other cosmetic procedures, they are typically not covered by insurance companies in Australia unless you specifically opt for cosmetic coverage under your dental plan.

Organise a consultation today with Cosmetic Avenue

You’ve been thinking about it for long enough. Now it’s time to take action and reclaim your smile. Many of our clients are so pleased with the results they regret not talking to our team of cosmetic dentistry experts sooner. Call us now to book your free consultation so we can talk about your goals and how we can help.

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